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A behind-the scenes look at the life of Damien Hirst, as filtered through the eyes of 26-year-old Katie Keight, his girlfriend of over two years, reports the When asked by the Art Gorgeous to name her “perfect art-world gentleman,” Keight went with Hirst, “because he always opens my car door and lets me have music control.” “The age difference doesn’t really exist,” she told the The two reportedly met at a Foundation for AIDS Research Party, at a time when Keight says she was struggling with alcoholism.


There is also an option to join in group messaging, exchanging pictures, videos, and audio messaging as well.

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The lights were on, so I thought, ‘Oh good, he’s back home,’ but Alexis was there, not Brian. No one had talked to him or seen him since Friday night.” Police soon turned their attention to Clint and Meredith. “The way he talked about my brother after he went missing — kind of in a negative way. He set up a website that invited tips from the public, a digital shrine that preserved his son’s memory.