Accomodating students with mood disorders xml failure while validating management pack

As well, students may not know what on-campus policies or resources are in place to assist them with their studies.

I would encourage all students with psychiatric disabilities to contact the office on their campus that provides services for students with disabilities.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve seen an enormous change in the number of students with various psychiatric disabilities who are attending and succeeding in post-secondary education.

Many more self-identified students are now earning degrees, not only at the undergraduate level, but at the masters and Ph D levels.

Without needing to know the diagnosis, instructors should be encouraged by administration to problem solve with you.

For example, a student in an honours program was experiencing a setback during the final year of her undergraduate degree.

However, no matter the academic level, students with psychiatric disabilities benefit from extra support.

Not only can staff at those offices advocate for students, but hopefully they will teach students to become their own best advocates. Academic accommodations are changes made to the academic environment that level the playing field so that students with disabilities can perform in a way that best reflects their potential.

Here at York University, we’ve put together an information package about the many services and resources that are available on our campus for students with mental illness. Accommodations are not meant to change the essential requirements of a course.

Rather, they allow the student to have their work evaluated in a way that shows they’ve learned the concepts taught. An invisible disability can be difficult to understand at the best of times.

At first the instructor didn’t like the video idea, because she felt the oral presentation was an important requirement for honours students in that particular discipline.

She believed that a grade in her course should reflect similar forms of evaluation for everyone.

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