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With 6.3 million gallons of water, the habitat is the largest indoor exhibit of fish in the world.Prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice.In non-industrial spaces, you may hear this expense referred to as "Load Factor," which includes CAM fees.There are two basic calculations for CAM fees: Variable CAM fees, in which the amount a tenant is required to contribute increases based on a number of factors; and flat CAM fees where the fees are a fixed amount.

Had I read the lease more carefully, I would have known enough to at least ask if any upgrades were scheduled in the near future and to see that what I thought was a simple lease, was actually a Triple Net Lease in disguise.This practice has been hotly debated among industry professionals as to whether or not this is ethical, or even legal.In short, you should never sign a lease without understanding what CAM fees cover in unique commercial lease.Both CAM and Load Factor fees serve the same basic purpose: To require tenants to help cover the landlord’s direct expenses for “common areas.” Common areas can include both internal (hallways, elevators, lobbies, public bathrooms, etc.) and external expenses (parking lots, landscaped areas, etc.).Be sure to have listed in the lease exactly what your CAM fees will cover, how often they are to be paid, and how much they can be increased each year.

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With 4,574 square feet of viewing windows, a 100-foot-long underwater tunnel, 185 tons of acrylic windows and the second largest viewing window in the world, visitors will have multiple opportunities to view all of these magnificent animals. How many different kinds of sharks are living in the Ocean Voyager exhibit?

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