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Payment for remedial courses also uses up limited financial resources, and results in significant debt accumulation when student loans are used.The math skills of most adults with dyscalculia are arrested at the 4th grade level; but even when testing at 4th grade, almost all will demonstrate deficient first, second, and third grade skills.It is appropriate for the MLD student to cover required course material in a computer-mediated format, which tracks exposure and practice, requires demonstrated mastery of perquisite skills before introducing new concepts, does not require performance on a cumulative final assessment, is self-paced, has just-in-time help for vocabulary definitions, concept demonstrations (review), instant feedback, and ample scaffolded practice until independence is achieved, and has instant tools for measuring, calculating, and color-coding operations.I remember in February of 1992 when Sandra told me the news that we were going to have a baby. Almost 20 hours from the time we arrived at the hospital, doctors who never disagreed were disagreeing on whether to take Sandra to surgery. Luke 2 says that once the shepherds told Mary the news concerning the angels' proclamation, she kept it and pondered it in her heart. Stores are saturating us with the news of BIG SALES. The difference in experiencing great joy this Christmas is seeing the difference between what we want and what we truly need. there seems to be very little room for error as it would throw the whole day out of whack.Research has proven developmental dyscalculia results from cortical abnormalities in regional neural organization in the left angular gyrus, particularly a reduction in grey matter in the left intraparietal sulcus; whereas acquired dyscalculia occurs after lesions to the left parietal lobe.While the MLD student may be capable of executing guided practice, and demonstrating mastery through extended exercises; the dyscalculic is incapable of consistent retention of math material in long-term memory, and must relearn the concepts at each attempt.

After all, they usually excel at reading, writing, and speaking, and most learning tasks come easily.

Just the anticipation of this child (Maggie) shifted our conversations, our schedules, and our priorities. We had complete confidence in our doctor who was a Believer and stayed the whole 20 hours at the hospital with us watching 15 episodes of Bonanza as we waited on sweet Maggie to be born. The child she was holding was God with a heartbeat and kidneys! A child that would not only change Mary and Joseph’s priorities, schedules and conversation but those of the entire world! “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” (2 Corinthians ) He experienced the wages of sin… Some stores have dancing guys, twirling signs, wearing costumes that look like Santa and there was a dancing gorilla on 280 pointing the way to the store that hired him. The signs said “50% off til Christmas.” Some stores were touting the “cheapest gifts” in town! “Yeah it was cheap, that’s why I bought this for you! Do you know that what is true with making room for our calendar is true for our heart? Unfortunately, like our day, we struggle to find time to pause for what is most important - meeting with our Savior. I am reminded of these words: This carol reminds us that room must be prepared. Isn’t it true that Jesus sometimes exists in the margins? Can we confess to each other that our hearts are full.. May we begin now to prepare Him room by crowning Him as Lord and King of our lives.

Twenty-five years later, I look at Maggie and still experience the joy of the moment I first held her. He will suffer no rivals, He will entertain no competitors. Faith Family, what a great start to our celebration of Advent this past Sunday!

The processing glitches present as output errors in counting, decimal point and number alignment, lack of place value awareness, faulty recall of math facts, mixed up and missing signs and numbers, directional confusion during operations, inappropriate preservation of ideas, random number insertions, and abandoned processes.

During processing, working memory is slow and insufficient, the mind switches inputs, acts on erroneous information, omits important information, loses track of operations, confuses sequences, is ambiguous about patterns and the association of meaning to symbols, and blanks out.

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