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To solve such a mystery, I decided to dive into the belly of the beast, and set up a profile.(What actually happened is that I had my heart broken, and decided to open up all avenues to fill the fresh, gaping hole in my emotional core).Enter online dating sites and apps, where you can literally sit at home in your underwear and browse for The One.You don’t have to worry about who’s not single, and you can filter out the ones who smoke, or who aren’t the same religion, or whatever your preference is.I suppose it makes sense when you look at what direction our society has been moving in.The number of women in the work force continues to rise. People are staying single longer, but there’s still that hint of anxiety because they haven’t settled down yet—Better hurry, or all the good ones will be taken!Moreover, for people looking to find a soul mate, time is working against them on three different fronts: 1) As we get older, our vision of an ideal mate gets more narrowly defined; 2) As people continue to pair off, the field of eligibles dwindles; and 3) Every day you are fatter, uglier, and balder. Dating sites act as a filter to weed out the unwanted guys/gals, and for this reason, online dating has become too convenient to ignore. Because out at a bar, you might see 50 people of of the gender you’re into.

I chose OKCupid because I heard that’s the young/hip/casual one.Follow me: the bachelor/ette pool is so large, and so easily accessible, that it makes it too easy to move on. You can just go home and swipe right a few times, and you’ll have another date by the end of the week. I know I certainly have, once I realized how low-stakes the whole operation is.Over time, my dates have gone from awkward to pretty fun, even if I know it’s ultimately not going to work out.We work, we parent, we sometimes see our girlfriends, and we don’t get out for much else.We bank and order groceries online; we send texts rather than talk. Yes indeed, the relationships and sexuality expert found herself single after a long-term relationship ended (go figure). I live in a small community where it seems like all of the eligible bachelors are my patients! So with a great deal of skepticism, I tried the online dating thing.

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