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We limited the study to individuals who hadn’t previously used the Chat/Text service. Of those, half consented to participate in the study.There were no systematic differences between those who consented and those who didn’t.We found group equivalence across all three study arms (that is, the groups were similar in terms of demographics and background), and we saw no effects of social desirability in responses (that is, participants were giving true responses, not those they believed the researchers wanted to hear).We then conducted a “contamination analysis” to identify individuals in the web arm who also used Chat/Text during the course of the study. These participants were eliminated from the results shown below.

We start by using language steeped in communication science to establish (two of the three key components necessary to effectively convey a message).Arresting officers immediately found child pornography on a computer in the house.During a subsequent forensic examination of the computer, police found communications and video on Skype involving Jamieson and a then-unknown male who appeared to be sexually abusing a child in his care.The demographics of the sample reflect both our patient population nationally as well as general Chat/Text users not enrolled in the study.About half were people of color and almost 70% were low-income.

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