Young adults chat line the difference between courtship and dating

You can also call during evenings, weekends and public holidays if your concern is urgent and cannot wait until the next working day.

Paul and Andrea Annear wear their newlywed status as proudly as the rings on their fingers.

Unfortunately those being abused are often the least likely to bring the situation to anyone's attention. Your concerns will be taken seriously, we will listen to you and support you.

If you suspect that somebody is being abused please do not ignore it. Remember, if you think something is wrong it probably is.

They met in a home for children with learning difficulties, and, after falling in love as teenagers, they fought a long battle to be allowed to marry.

They are the first couple with Down’s to marry in the UK, and theirs is an extraordinary love story.

Neglect and acts of omission including ignoring medical, emotional or physical care needs, failure to provide access to appropriate health, care and support or educational services, the withholding of the necessities of life, such as medication, adequate nutrition and heating.

We are here to talk if you're depressed, contemplating suicide, being physically or sexually abused, on the run, addicted, threatened by gang violence, fighting with a friend or parent, or if you are faced with an overwhelming challenge.

It can be through neglect or poor professional practice as a result of the structure, policies, processes and practices within an organisation.

Discriminatory abuse including harassment or ill treatment because of race, gender and gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

Andrea, 37, throws her arms dramatically wide and says: "I love Paul this much.

Now he is my husband I am so proud."I give him a kiss in the morning when he leaves for work, and I shout after him: 'I love you, Paul.' He says: 'I love you, Andrea,' and I watchhim as he walks all the way down the road.

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  1. For the person to be accepted as Jewish by an Orthodox or Conservative community (for example, on an occasion of their bar/bat mitzvah or marriage), they require a formal conversion (in accordance with halakhic standards).